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  • School's Out For Summer!


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         The 2017-18 school year is coming to a close, and it was a tremendous year at Southern Choctaw Elementary School!   In addition to the solid teaching happening every day in our classrooms, we also experienced some fantastic accomplishments in our extracurricular offerings as well.   As a staff, we also spent a lot of time discussing and implementing ideas to help our students be more successful in the classroom. 

        I am very proud of all that we have accomplished, and I look forward to continuing the conversations and activities that will lead to success for all students.


  • Pre-K Supply List
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    Germ-X Hand Sanitizer

    Kleenex Tissue

    Baby Wipes

    1 Roll of Paper Towels

    Students need to have a pillow and a blanket for nap time.

    Students will have the same school uniform policy as the

    other elementary school students. Each student needs to

    bring a change of clothes in a Ziploc bag.


  • Kindergarten Supply List

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    Bookbag (regular size)

    1 Pair Headphones (NO ear buds)

    Supply Pouch (NO school boxes)

    Fiskar Scissors (NO plastic scissors)

    4 Packages of 24-count Crayons (Crayola Brand)

    3 Large Glue Sticks or 6 Small Clue Sticks 

    1 Coloring Book

    2 Boxes of Kleenex Tissues

    1 Box of Wet Wipes

    3 Containers of Clorox/Lysol Wipes

    1 Package of 20 Sheet Protectors

    2 Rolls of Paper Towels

    1 Plastic Water Bottle with a Pop-up Top

    BOYS - 1 Package of Dry Erase Markers (Expo Brand)

    GIRLS - 1 Package of Washable Markers


  • First Grade Supply List
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    Fiskar Scissors

    4 Boxes of Crayola Crayons (8-count)

    4 Packages of Yellow Pencils

    2 Large Easers

    1 Package of Washable Markers

    2 Bottles of Elmer's Liquid Glue

    Headphones (Please put your child's name of these)

    Book Bag

    Zipper Crayon Bag (NO plastic crayon boxes)

    2 Boxes of Kleenex

    2 Boxes of Clorox/Lysol Wipes

    1 Plastic Red Folder

    2 Dry Erase Markers

    2 Large Bottles of Germ-X

    1 Composition Book

    1 Package of  Construction Paper


  • Second Grade Supply List

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    40 # 2 Pre-Sharpened Pencils (no mechanical pencils)

    (2) Pkgs. of Erasers

    (2) Box – 24 Pack Crayons

    (1) Pkg. of Colored Pencils

    (1) Pkg. of Crayola Markers

    (1) Pkg. of Highlighters

    Zippered Pencil Pouch (no plastic boxes)

    (1) Box of Ziploc Bags (gallon size)

    Scissors (blunt tip)

    (4) Glue Sticks

    (1) 3 Ring View Binder – No Larger Than 1 Inch – No Trapper Keepers

    (2) Composition Notebooks

    (2) 3 Prong Folders – Plastic with Pockets (Red and Blue)

    (1) Package of Dry Erase Markers

    (3) Boxes  of Kleenex

    (3) Bottles of Alcohol Free Germ-x Hand Sanitizer

    (2) Containers of Lysol or Clorox Antibacterial Wipes (NOT BABY WIPES)

    (1) School Planner – Students may purchase a planner from the office for $5.00

    *** Headphones or Ear Buds for Classroom and Computer Lab use.

    ***Please write your child’s name on everything he/she brings to school.


        The second grade reading and math curriculum is rigorous, so during the summer please practice addition facts, subtraction facts, and sight words with your child. This will make 2nd grade future concepts less challenging.

        In 2nd grade, we ENFORCE the district wide uniform policy for students.  If you have any questions about the uniforms, please check the student handbook for correct uniform procedures.  We do not make the rules, but as professionals we are required to enforce them.  We will conduct uniform checks every single morning. If your child has a violation, then the proper steps will be taken to enforce the policy.

        In 2nd grade, we also have a discipline plan in place that students and parents are required to sign.  Please talk to your child about the importance of following school rules and regulations.



  • Fourth Grade Supply List
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    1 Box Colored Pencils

    1 Box Crayons

    1 Box Colored Markers

    1 Pack of Pencils

    1 Hand Held Pencil Sharpener

    1 Pair of Scissors

    1 Pack of Loose-Leaf Paper

    2 Glue Sticks

    4 Dry Erase Markers (For Student Use)

    3 Black & White Composition Notebooks

    2 Folders with Pockets (NO Prongs)

    2 Spiral Notebooks

    1 Bottle of Germ X (30 fl. oz.)

    1 Box of Kleenex Tissue

    Some items will need to be replenished 

    throughout the school year.

    Practice multiplication facts (0-12) this summer with your child.  

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